Play with Cats

Makes them feel like predators

It’s no secret that cats are finely tuned killing machines, who have been hardwired to torture their prey to the brink of death. In fact, this is one of their favorite extracurricular activities. Hunting makes them who they are.

Play is exercise

Approximately 50% of cats are overweight. Much like humans, many cats overeat and lead sedentary lifestyles, which contributes to obesity-related health problems, such as arthritis, diabetes, and poor grooming habits. Increasing your kitty’s physical activity can help her shed unwanted pounds and get back to her fighting weight.

Play relieves boredom

Play provides vital mental stimulation for your kitty by allowing her to exercise her cognitive and motor skills. To make it even more challenging, use a variety of toys to play with your cat — but never use your hands, as this can cause your cat to develop unwanted aggression toward your body.

Play promotes bonding

Want to form a stronger relationship with the bloodthirsty predator who shares your bed? Playtime might be the ticket. Exercise will help your kitty release anxiety and aggression through mental and physical stimulation.


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